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Holocaust Remembrance Day 

Ella Blumenthal – We Remember

As you did unto the least of these My brothers, you have done unto Me (Matthew 25:40)

Today was International Holocaust Remembrance Day – The 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camps in Poland. Click here to view ICEJ video

Almost 50 world leaders came to Jerusalem and also met at Yad Vashem last week. Many leaders spoke and made commitments that a Holocaust must not be allowed to ever happen again. Former Chief Rabbi Israel Lau (himself, a Buchenwald camp survivor) also spoke and reminded those present to keep their word and commitment to ensuring that no nation is able to perpetuate a Holocaust of Jews again.

It is incredible that a modern nation in Europe planned the systematic murder of 6 million Jewish people, including 1.5 million children….even worse that other modern western nations allowed it to continue after they were given detailed information of what was happening and how to stop it. See article about the four men who escaped Auschwitz in 1944 and told the world what was happening at the death camps. Click here to read further

The will was never there to step out and bring justice for the Jewish people. The majority of good people were silent then and seem to be silent today too.

It starts with never forgetting what mankind is capable of and then acting, so that it never happens again! I was blessed to meet with and hear Elle Blumenthal’s (98 years old) incredible story of the horrors she lived through, the courage she found and the miracles she experienced.

In her own words…” Tell my story, to help them never to forget”.

She was born in Warsaw, 15 August 1921. Deported to Warsaw Getto Oct. 1940. Deported to Majdanek in 1943, then to Auschwitz and finally to Bergen-Belsen, where she remained until the end of the war. Today she lives in Sea point Cape Town. God blessed her with good health and a family totalling twenty-three people!

Please take the time to read her incredible story including the miracle of being in closed gas chambers with 200 others and then suddenly hearing the doors being opened to be inexplicably/miraculously released. Click here to read the full story

Over 70 years have passed since the Holocaust. A generation has passed. The last survivors are passing on and the new generation does not seem to care to remember. The same signs as before the Holocaust are here again and anti-Semitsm is rising year on year in most western civilised nations (Click here to see my newsletter from March 2019 for examples of the rising anti-Semitism).

May we recognise the warning signs and take them seriously this time – in time?

ICEJ SA Branch Board:

Unfortunately a paragraph was left out of the January 2020 newsletter that didn’t make the recent changes to the board clear.

The ICEJ nominations committee made up of the previous three board members: Dr Mojmir Kallus, Vivienne Myburgh and Conrad le Roux in conjunction with the external independent members of the nomination committee: Tiny Jones and Jo Olsen) agreed to appoint two new board members, namely: Patrick Rolleston and Pastor Steven Naidoo.

Conrad le Roux decided to stand down and we wish him well going forward. We thank Conrad Le Roux for his service to the board during some challenging times for the branch.

So the new board of the ICEJ South African branch is made up of the following four members:

Patrick Rolleston (Cape Town)
Who is very active in the greater Western Cape area and infectious with his desire for the church to understand Israel and lift them in prayer.

Pastor Steven Naidoo
(KwaZulu Natal)
Who alongside Pastor Selven Pillay and Ranesh Bhagwandeen opened an ICEJ office in KZN in 2019 to serve the church in understanding their relationship with Israel.

Dr Mojmir Kallus

ICEJ Vice President International Affairs

VIvienne Myburgh

National Director ICEJ

South African Branch

We are keen for more people to join the team in this important mandate and if you would like to play a role representing ICEJ in your area/community/church then please contact us to discuss how you could get involved.

Much blessings,

Vivienne Myburgh
National Director of the South African Branch
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
P.O. Box 1192 | Jerusalem, Israel 9101002
T: +27 21 879 1788 | C: +27 83 306 0009 | www.icej.org.za


You can pray for Israel. Churches, groups and individuals around the world are joining monthly to pray for Israel according to the command of Isaiah 62:

I have set watchmen on your walls O Jerusalem;
They shall never hold their peace day or night.
You who make mention of the Lord do not keep silent,
And give Him no rest till He establishes
And He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth(Isaiah 62:6-7).

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We are keen for more people to join the team in this important mandate and if you would like to pay a role representing ICEJ in your area/community/church then please contact us to discuss how you could get involved.

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