• Cost is R35,500 at an exchange rate of R 16 / US$ excluding flights & insurance.
  • You will need to book your own flights (currently between R10,000 to R13,000)
  • The payment in US$ by ICEJ SA to Israel will be allocated to your SARB Single Discretionary Allowance (R1m/year) using the details provided in the registration form
  • Single room supplement is R10,500
  • Banking Details: FNB, Friends of the Embassy, 7-day notice savings acc. 74767599763 and branch code 250655 – please use your name as reference
    • R 5,500 non-refundable deposit within 7 days of registration
    • R 10,000 by 20 July 2022 (R15,500 in total)
    • R 10,000 by 20 August 2022 (R25,500 in total)
    • R 10,000 by 20 September 2022 (R35,500 in total)
    • Plus R1,640 Tel Aviv + Exchange Rate Adjustment if applicable
    • Full payment must be received by no later than 25 September 2022 in our bank account to ensure access to the tour

Early Departure Option (extra night in Tel Aviv):

  • This option was brought in due to the cheaper flights from Johannesburg & direct Cape Town flights available (i.e. the extra costs could be easily covered by the cheaper plane ticket – plane ticket prices seem to vary daily, so might not always be the cheaper option)
  • It also gives people the chance to rest after the flight before we start the tour
  • Can store your bags at the hotel until check in time in the afternoon
  • Not included: Taxi / Sherut (minivan taxi) from Airport to Hotel
  • Not included: Lunch & Dinner on 6 Oct


  • Standard SA, Eswatini and UK passports don’t need visa’s – they get a 90-day tourism visa at the airport
    • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months after the tour dates (i.e. after 30 April 2022)
    • You must have at least 2 blank pages in your passport

Booking Flights

Please note, each person is responsible for booking their own flights – the sooner you do this, the better in terms of potential price increases.  Please check the date and time carefully of both the departure and arrival times when booking online or through a travel agent.

NB! NB! Please double check departure date and date and time of arrival when booking as Turkish Airlines has multiple flights landing in and departing from Tel Aviv (or if you are booking with another airline).

Also please ensure that the names on the ticket is the same as the ones in your passport.

Travel Insurance

  • Israel requires that each tourist has a health insurance policy with coverage for the treatment of Covid19 virus. You must have a printed version of your policy reflecting the cover for COVID isolation/quarantine and medical expense cover.  You are responsible for your own medical insurance or cover.  Please check with your medical aid on your international claim procedure or if you have cover through payment of your plane ticket with your credit card. Alternatively you may need to purchase 3rd party insurance from providers like: or or any other, please check the policy for COVID terms.

Local connecting flights in South Africa

  • For connecting flight after return in Johannesburg, please give at least 2hrs (immigration, luggage, customs & any minor delay) – preferably 3hrs for a connecting flight.  Also, please ensure that you have someone in SA that you can sms to change your flight if there are any serious delays as the local carriers are not sympathetic to change flights if you arrive after the flight has left. Alternatively book the flights through a travel agent to ensure the connecting flights are linked.

Israel Entry Requirements

  • As of today, it is not required to present a certificate of recovery or vaccination, and it is not required to take a COVID test upon entry to Israel.
    • Israel requires that each tourist has a health insurance policy with coverage for the treatment of Covid19 virus (see Travel Insurance point above).
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