Israel Solidarity Rally, Cape Town, 15 Oct 2023

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Statement from Vivienne Myburgh, National Director, ICEJ SA

Israel Solidarity Rally – Cape Town – 15 Oct 2023:

We were actually in Israel this last Saturday when these brutal attacks happened on the communities in Gaza. We became aware of these attacks by a little girl running into the breakfast dinng room shouting Bang Bang, War… and then the reports started coming through about what was happening. We were beyond shattered and did not even know what to think. 

We were at our Dead Sea hotel where the residents of Kibbutz Beéri were evacuated to with only the clothes on their bodies, and we heard their heart rending stories first hand…  I spoke to a man called Tom, an elderly man from the UK. Whose 8 year old daughter was missing. He was sure that she had been kidnapped. His heartbreak was just too much to comprehend. Since then he has heard that his daughter was murdered and he said that it is actually a relief for him. 

What Israel experience on Saturday was beyond a brutal massacre…it was evil in its purest form, personified in the terror operatives of Hamas.  It exposes the core genocidal agenda of Hamas….the  Palestinians under the Palestinian Authority are most likely no different… if they had the freedom to act out their true intentions…it would no doubt look similar.

We are grateful that Christians through the ICEJ have provided over 200 Bomb shelters… mostly to the areas near Gaza where this atrocious attacks were committed… and that somehow through these, some lives were saved. 

 There are millions of dollars from christians around the world flowing into our head office in Jerusalem. Our staff are packing day and night whatever is needed… to go to the communities, to the soldiers on the ground.    

This evil horror story that is still unfolding is clearly exposing the double standards and the agendas of those who have not even been able to bring themselves to condemn these gruesome murders of innocents and who shockingly even infer that Israel is to blame.

At least 44 nations have condemned these atrocities.

The ANC government is so deceived by the ongoing anti- Israel narratives that they don’t care about human rights…of the elderly, of women and of children… if they are Jews.

They are a blatantly anti semitic government and their days are numbererd!!

Even worse for us  it that a church, the Anglican Church’s Diosece of Cape Town has called for solidarity with their “peace loving” moslem brothers against the scourge of the Zionist state of Israel…a rascist statement in itself…The fact that they also cannot condemn the human right atrocities committed by Hamas speaks volumes about how far they have sunk into the mire of Israel hatred.

We want to tell you that there are millions of Christians around the world who believe that if you are a Bible believing Christian that  you have to be an ally of Israel in thought, in speech,  in prayer and in practical support:

We commit to continue to grow this movement of Christian support and also general support among those who are open to truth as we recognize that the battle for truth around Israel will once again be the main battle ground, outside of Israel.

We choose to encourage you today with your own scriptures which state that:

God will Redeem Israel out of all of their troubles.

That He will be a shelter and the strength of the children of Israel.

That He will bring health and healing to them and to your land.

I promise you that there are millions of Christians around the world who will not keep silent…who will give God no rest until He establishes and until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth!!

Am Israel Chai

Od Avinu Chai !!

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